What Traits to Look for in a Lifetime Companion

When you think of a lifetime companion, what comes to your mind? I mean, a lifetime is something hard to measure, isn’t it? It’s fair to assume that when we commit to a lifetime, we give up all of ourselves in hopes of gaining something greater two people have the ability to create. Seems like a beautifully painted picture, but the challenge always seems to be in properly putting the pieces of the puzzle together. The natural question would be to ask how, but I’d rather start by asking, why?

Why is it necessary that you commit to a lifetime companionship and what would it mean to you if that idea never came to fruition? If it’s due to the fact that everyone else is doing it, you might want to rethink this whole matter. The moment you understand why it will be a lot easier for you to create a path that will allow it to find you. When something matters enough, roads are created where man has yet to walk. Knowing why you want something forces you to put a value on it, and when that value is placed, it will determine what you are willing to give or lose in order to attain it.

If forever means a lot to you, what are you doing to contribute to its arrival? At times we seek forever, but only seem to give in to temporary connections. You should want to know who this person is and how they fit in your script. Now for how, that’s easy; they will tell you. The key is to listen, learn, then watch.

The truth is, as men, we know what you want to hear and we’re not afraid to use it. Good thing for you, action is on your side. Too many people seek a lifetime companion but continue to settle for a temporary position.  Many get burnt rushing into the unknown. It seems like we rather get to know them after we commit, rather than taking the time to know them before, protecting our initial investment to a maximum. I like to say that words are what makes us wonder, but the action that follows is what lets us know.

When you seek forever, you want to truly know if forever stands before you. You want to give that flower time to blossom in order to truly see its inner gifts. You have to want it so much that you’d be willing to wait a lifetime for it for its arrival. If you deem it good, allow it to manifest its goodness into something worth living, into something worth sharing.

In all simplicity, time is your friend and patience is key. Why wait for something when I can have it now, you ask? Simple. Waiting is essential for allowing you to match what you’re worth with that special lifetime companion.

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