The Worst Thing You Can Do to Your Spouse

Love is a beautiful thing, wouldn’t you say? The most beautiful thing about it is that it takes the giving of what we have within in order for it to come into existence. That’s right, the only way for love to take place is if we give apart of ourselves for the sake of something deeper. Your boyfriend/girlfriend should never feel like they are not prioritized. So, the worst thing you can do to someone that has committed to sharing such a love for you is not reciprocate it. You see, we all seek true love, but settle for the minimal idea of it.

When someone makes such a commitment, it is not something that we should take lightly. A commitment is a way that one chooses to show that they’ve made a decision; a decision that displays their dedication to investing their heart and soul in you. Your priority should always be to put your partner first. So, the worst thing you can do is disregard that through your lack of appreciation. Cherish the very little things. Just because you don’t see the foundation of a house, doesn’t mean that it isn’t the very reason this house stands before you today.

The early stages of a relationship always start off wonderfully because that is the time where two people consistently pull out their bag of tricks of impressions. When that bag runs out, the purpose is lost. If you’ve found something special within someone, never forget what it is and why it is important that you hold on to it for dear life. The worst thing you can do is allow such a beauty to become such a habit. I’m sure your bag of tricks can run forever if your focus and appreciation for your relationship runs that long.

The reason I’m sure you are capable is because everything is a choice and you have the ability to make that very choice. The worst thing you can do is not protect the love you once vowed to live for. The worst thing you can do is undervalue the power the love has given you or the power it has the ability to give you. From now on, how about you aim to prioritize the one you love. The worst thing you can do is allow your partner to utter the words, “My boyfriend/girlfriend does not prioritize me.” So make it a priority to worship the love…because it means just that much.


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