Love and Dating Advice: Allowing What You Want to Take Place

We all want love. That’s apparent, whether we choose to accept it or not. We all want to belong or feel apart of something that involves a bond of acceptance. On this road to acceptance, if there is one thing many fear it would be rejection, the feeling of not being wanted.

Due to the last mark rejection leaves on you, you’re more likely not to want to experience it again. You’re more likely to evade any roads that lead to that destination, for the word along rings a sign of neglect. But in order to attain this love we all so desire, you have to be willing to allow it to take place. When it’s all said and done, you can only fit in what you make room for.

Be open to the possibilities of experiencing something so beautiful…something so necessary. I know you’re afraid, but on the other side of your fears lie the next scene to your self-written script. Can you picture it? Because if you can imagine it, it is only awaiting your ownership of it.

According to a poll of 2,000 taken in the UK by the online dating site eHarmony, 12 percent do not believe that they will find love. Their reason is based on their believing that there isn’t anyone out there for them. The study goes on to say that close to half of the singles that took the survey have had some sort of negative scars left from past relationships.

These very scars are the reasons why the actual self-defence mechanism was put into place. It isn’t that you’ve actually given up on love, it’s just that you want to go about attaining this love as a sure thing in which no heartache is inflicted. You want to go about attaining this love with no risks involved. These are all understandable concerns, but where you choose to direct your focus will only magnify the direction of your actions.

If you choose to accept the possibilities of failure, out of fairness, it is important that you also accept the possibilities of achievement. Not only does it balance things out, but it also gives you a reason to open up and accept something different. Allowing what you want to take place not only allows you to feed your soul with what it needs, but it also puts you in a position to freely express this love you seek onto others.

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