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Getting dating and relationships advice is something that is very essential. After all, dating and the relationships that follow is a fad that will never grow old. When we observe the world around us, relationships continue to build and relationships continue to fall. It is because of the fear of failing many would rather not deal with dating or being in a relationship. What is it that actually makes dating and relationships so hard to maintain?

It seems like many people forget to be the person they were at the beginning of the relationship; they change. People do whatever it takes to be with the person they want, but as soon as the mission is accomplished, out goes the good habits. The problem is that, although the dating stages are over, there’s still a huge mission ahead that many forget about.

“The mission” does not only involve getting the one you want, but it also includes keeping the one you want. I believe that any man can get any woman, but not every man can keep a woman. In other words, being in a relationship, “the mission” never ends.

All the effort that was put in at the beginning shouldn’t stop. The relationship feeds off of it and depends on it in order for it to survive. It’s very important that we build a strong foundation, so strong that even when stormy days come, it withstands it all. Always remember that a relationship is not a job, but instead it should be treated as a way of life. Love it, cherish it, and enjoy it!

One thought on “Dating and Relationship Advice

  1. That was very well said! I love insight that is so clear, simple, succinct, and practical. If people would actually do what you recommended, it would make a world of difference in their relationships. I am often saddened by married couples I know who don’t seem to try for each other anymore. It’s as if they have the attitude that especially now that they’re married, it’s the other person’s duty to put up with them no matter what so they no longer have to try. I don’t think that was the spirit of the marriage vows you take.

    I think kids become an excuse to not put as much effort into the relationship too. I have seen this over and over as well. I like the mindset they used to have back in the day where the kids were “just along for the ride” rather than being the center of the parents universe as is so often the case today. Anyway, that is another topic.

    Thanks again for sharing your nuggets of wisdom!

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