Dating Advice for Women: Rebuilding What Was Once Torn Down

Memo to all women: You are the most beautiful, most precious, most amazing creature that this world has been able to host. You are not only powerful, but in your possession, you hold the key to this beautiful world we men are blessed to share. On behalf of all men, I want to say…Thank you.

I start off this way because, by the look of things, I believe many of you need to be reminded of the power you possess and the many blessings you bring to this world just by your mere existence, therefore, without a doubt…your presence is necessary. I was blessed with a mother that showed me the value of women and just why they were more than worthy of my love and respect. It is for this very reason, whether you know it or not, you will always be honored.

There are three types of women. There are the ones that have dreams of love and anticipate that amazing feeling, there are the ones that have found love and that continue to celebrate it everyday, and there are the ones that have allowed the “failure” of love to destroy their initial views of such a wonderful feeling. The sad thing about the latter is the long-term affect you allow it to have on you and the world around you. Many of you, due to the amount of effort and energy that had been invested, continue to bear the weight throughout your daily lives. Your complete disbelief of an outcome of what was deemed to be forever now seems to numb the side of you that once longed for the urge of that good ol feelin. The only thing left is a memory of what was once a fairy tale to what is now considered lost and nonexistent.

Somehow, on this unfortunate road, you’ve not only forgotten how to be the best you, but you’ve also forgotten about all the things that you were actually worthy of. Yes, because of this one event, you continue to deprive yourself of something so beautiful due to the fear of experiencing a sequel. Yes, because of this one event, you continue to fight yourself from experiencing something so great, only to have it all “stripped away” from you at the end.

Truth be told, deep down inside, we all believe in love whether we choose to admit it or not. It’s not your faith in love that has been compromised, it is your allowing the fear derived from the past to dominate your beliefs. Earl Nightingale said it best when he said, “We become what we think about…don’t worry…worry brings fear and fear is crippling.” What do you constantly think about? Does it continue to affect the way you deal with not only people, but also, yourself?

Do you remember the initial anticipation you first had and how it made you feel? What did you feel? I can only imagine how amazing it must have felt! Isn’t it time you experience that feeling again? Or maybe you would rather watch a daily rerun of the past? I think it’s time you take back the control over your life. Remember, it’s your story. Although things didn’t pan out the way you expected, you have the opportunity to, not only rewrite a whole new beginning, you are also blessed with the opportunity to change the way it all ends.

My advice to all of you women: Stop falling for the words of men! Stop allowing the spell to blind you from the actions! Many of you tend to fall for the words that sweep you off your feet; the words that have you saying to yourself, “Where have you been all my life,” before the first date has even presented itself. You just fell for the hope of having a good man, not the real deal.

One thing that many women don’t understand is that anyone can paint a perfect picture, but many are incapable of bringing this picture to life. It is important that you distinguish the real from the fake. Just in case you’re still unaware, men know exactly what you want to hear by now. I know it must sound really hard to hear the truth, but good news is, not all men know how to act out the words they speak. That’s where the fake get weeded out.

Give yourself a chance to be wowed, not only by what a man says, but also by what a man does. Allow his actions to match the words he initially preached. Look not for the things that catch you, but instead, for the things that keep you. My final words of advice for you women will be to Listen, Observe, and Listen (LOL) again because a man that’s in it for the right reasons, has all the time in the world to see through.

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