Dating Advice for Men: What Society Says We Should Be and What We Ought to Be

As a man initially formed by society and their views on how we are to comport ourselves, I can totally see the disconnect that continues to affect the way we men communicate with the world around us. The problem isn’t really what we’ve been fed, it’s more in our accepting it as our natural way of being. Unfortunately, many of us don’t realize until it is too late just how self-destructive these guidelines are.

Dating advice for men is necessary to help transition the old way of thinking to the new. Instead of us building for the sake of substance and meaning, our entire existence is based on how big our individual egos tell us we are. It’s really not about how great we are as men, it’s more about how tough we are and how we can go about proving it to those around us. It almost seems as if we are being constructed as robots, strong on the outside and hollow on the in.

This way of living has spilled over into relationships and has caused a great deal of conflict between us and the women we love. You see, somewhere along the line we’ve taken our women as our personal possession rather than our equal partners, not realizing that the most beautiful thing about them is what we subconsciously take from them.

In reality, a man’s true powers is displayed through his ability to build and not break the woman he loves. His primary intention is to ensure that she shines before him and not behind him, for she is a pure representation of his own. His powers lie, not in dominating her existence, but rather, by helping her maintain her sense of being because when she shines, so does he.

Let us accept our women instead of trying to create them into what we want them to be. As Kings, we would do well to acknowledge them as the Queens that they are for that is the way they were born and placed here on this earth. Like my mom always said, “Always be the reason they smile, not the reason they cry. Be the one they come to, not the one they get away from. Be that kind of man!”

A happy woman should always make happy men out of us. Her happiness should be above all…so love her, cherish her and make sure the things you feed her the ingredients responsible for her falling in love with you with each passing day.

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