The Worst Thing You Can Do to Your Spouse

Love is a beautiful thing, wouldn’t you say? The most beautiful thing about it is that it takes the giving of what we have within in order for it to come into existence. That’s right, the only way for love to take place is if we give apart of ourselves for the sake of something […]

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What Traits to Look for in a Lifetime Companion

When you think of a lifetime companion, what comes to your mind? I mean, a lifetime is something hard to measure, isn’t it? It’s fair to assume that when we commit to a lifetime, we give up all of ourselves in hopes of gaining something greater two people have the ability to create. Seems like […]

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Love and Dating Advice: Allowing What You Want to Take Place

We all want love. That’s apparent, whether we choose to accept it or not. We all want to belong or feel apart of something that involves a bond of acceptance. On this road to acceptance, if there is one thing many fear it would be rejection, the feeling of not being wanted. Due to the […]

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Dating Advice for Men: What Society Says We Should Be and What We Ought to Be

As a man initially formed by society and their views on how we are to comport ourselves, I can totally see the disconnect that continues to affect the way we men communicate with the world around us. The problem isn’t really what we’ve been fed, it’s more in our accepting it as our natural way […]

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Dating and Relationship Advice

Getting dating and relationships advice is something that is very essential. After all, dating and the relationships that follow is a fad that will never grow old. When we observe the world around us, relationships continue to build and relationships continue to fall. It is because of the fear of failing many would rather not […]

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