The Beginning

I came into this world on September 9, 1983 with a handed idea of what life should be. My mom constantly told stories of my childhood and the smiles that would come naturally as I was introduced to strangers. From my initial introduction to this planet, my urge to connect with the world around me was apparent. It was as if my life was extended with every soul that I encountered, every soul that I was able to share a moment with. But somewhere along the line, something changed.

As a child, I could remember hearing, “He is so cute,” from friends and Giovanni Azaelfamily, only to have my mother whisper, “Don’t listen to them, you’re ugly.” I guess there was a method to her madness. At the time, I didn’t understand my mother’s intention in keeping me humble, therefore I had made the decision of internalizing it as my truth. That explained my low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. Being introduced into a superficial world governed by exterior facades, I was left with nothing to hold my head up against other than the definition I’d accepted derived from reflection in the mirror. Little did I know, all of that was about to change.

Being Introduced to the Light Within

At the age of fifteen years old, while all of my peers were pursuing the young girls, subconsciously, the words of my mother continued to echo keeping me out of contention. I figured that I was “ugly” and that was not what they were looking for. Luckily, that changed when I entered high school. For the first time in my life, I was being told otherwise by the girls I attended school with. “He is so hot,” some would say. “He’s cute” or “He’s OK,” the varied compliments of others would echo. All of a sudden, these words began to replace and reshape the views that I had accepted and became the source of my newfound confidence. Finally, I was now in a position to walk with my head towards the sky and was on my way to a whole new me…or was I?

As my confidence began to soar, I felt that I was in a better place to understand what my father meant when he said, “You can have any girl you want.” At least that’s what I thought I understood until a special lesson of humility was brought upon me. I was humbled over a conversation I overheard by two young girls and their commenting of me being “ugly”. After all the confidence I that I had gained, I was brought back to the words that had originally stripped me of my very presence. But in the process, I was introduced to a light that would shine from a place the eyes could not see.

When these girls made that comment about me, it made me realize the confidence that had been given to me, rather than the confidence I was to give to myself. It made me realize the confidence that had been derived from what others taught of me, rather than one derived from the light I had within. It made me realize just how important it was for me to lead from the person I was within, instead of relying on the exterior image that would change from person to person. It was at the very moment, I was introduced to the true light that would enable me to shine…forever.

Why I Do What I Do the Way I Do

Fast forwarding to this moment, I am now an author of the book That Good ol Feelin. All of the lessons that I was able to learn through my experiences, my passion for love and helping others attain that That Good ol Feelin has helped me create my ‘WHY’ in putting this book together. My observing nature has allowed me to discover the one thing we could never do without…and that is love. No matter our walks of life, we all yearn for the connection that love creates because without it, a void remains unfilled.

Throughout my life’s journey, I’ve been grateful enough to learn from my experiences and the opportunity of growth it has presented me with. Just like everyone, I’ve had my challenges. Because of the ‘societal rulebook’, I had been completely misguided, for the rules that I had been living by had worked against everything I stood for, preventing me to experience That Good ol Feelin love would create. You see, my rules had become a glass wall to the reality I stood behind. Instead of living it, I became a spectator to what could’ve been. The good news is, you don’t have to go through it!

The articles on this platform are written through the lens my story has enabled me to see. Every article will incorporate the many ingredients I’ve been able to relish through my personal walk of life. Within every passage will lie a script that may prevent you from walking that path I once did. I mean, why go through something when it can ultimately be prevented right? At the end of the day, there are certain ‘unpleasant’ experiences in our lives we can avoid only if we are willing to learn from that of others. Some of us like to experience things on our own, but trust me, there are a few things we can surely do without.

My intention is to help elevate and enlighten those willing and ready to experience That Good ol Feelin that loves makes possible. It is important that we replace the idea of love with the actual feeling of love that could only be felt through our acceptance. It is with deep love and gratitude that I share this information with you today and hope that you receive and appreciate them. Thank you for taking the time to visit and feel free to subscribe or follow me on my social media channels. Enjoy!

Now That You Know Me…

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  1. I personnaly know Giovanni, author of this website, and believe he becomes a gift once he enters your life. You cannot cry or be sad with him around…it is impossible! He´s a sincere, caring man, full a life. He´s always there for his family and friends, willing to help as much as he can! He doesnt give up! He´s untouchable! Happy to have him in my life!Whaadeyydooo! He´s a one and only!

  2. Gio… With what I’ve read so far, very impressed. Your posts are insightful and really get you thinking (and feeling from the heart). Really enjoying the site. Can’t stop reading…. -Cristi

  3. I can completely agree with the above comments. I see so much just by readying 2 articles.Seems like a man that any woman would be happy with. Through his words I sense the real in him. Most definitely in the prescence of a true man.

  4. I ditto everything written above… and want to add:
    to be in in the company of such a gentle man who personifies the true meaning of “Chessed” (LOVING KINDNESS) is a gift.

  5. Giovanni gives great advice straight from his heart. He has personally helped me through a tough time in my life and helped me to see the joy in it. I appreciate the work Gio does. He is a great blessing.

    Thanks Giovanni

    – Dae

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